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Why must buy NexFan vs Blaux? 

The only portable air cooler that cools faster that can offer you a 99% sterilized air experience to take care of your health, achieving this without increasing power consumption or the price.

Learn about the history of NexFan and you will understand why

There are multiple bacteria such as Legionella pneumophila, pathogenic viruses, algae and spores that are transmitted by water and survive despite chlorination or the osmosis process.

Concerned about the risks of contamination that portable air coolers present since they generate cold water based that is placed in a tank, but by not sterilizing this water they can contaminate the environment spreading these undesirable germs. Being able to make users sick. They are not aware of this danger

After 2 years of study we found a definitive solution without having to increase the costs of our product.

We integrate a low density UV Sterilizing Lamp focused on the water tank to achieve a magnifying effect with the water, potentiating its intensity within the water, ensuring the elimination of bacteria, viruses, algae and spores that can compromise the health of our customers.

In addition to the UV Sterilizing Lamp, the manufacture of our tank includes silver ions that destroy bacteria, fungi, viruses and protozoa, preventing microorganisms from developing any type of resistance to treatment.

 Ultraviolet sterilization is the process of destroying all microbial life by means of ultraviolet radiation. Benign for humans, but in the case of bacteria, germs, viruses, algae and spores, they die on contact with UV light. Ultraviolet or UV light, as it is usually referred to, is one of the proven means of treating biologically contaminated water, air, or surfaces.

UV radiation penetrates the cell wall of microorganisms and is absorbed by cellular materials, causing mutations in their DNA that are fatal to single-celled organisms.

This its how NexFan was born.

This combination integrated into our NexFan Ultra offers a sterilization of 99.9% of the water in the tank and avoiding the subsequent presence of algae in the water tank, making the air emitted 100% safe and germ-free.

NexFan is not any other air cooler, its the best and secure that you could buy in global market, NexFan are the only ones with this exclusive technology.

More benefits at the same price

Works Too As Humidifier

Generate Cool With Water

Filters Dust Particles In The Air

Removable & Washable Filter

Rapid Drop By 5°C/9°F

Ultra High speed ventilation

Includes Light With UV Sterilizer

Includes Silver-Ions Depressing The Germs

99.9% Disinfection

NOW Price

Monday, June 15th, 2020



NexFan Ultra It´s New Mini Personal Aircooler Is Here to Turn Hot Summer Nights into a Cool Oasis!

The Definite Solution Against Heatwaves

World’s Best Air Cooler with Powerful Cooling and High Energy Efficiency

  • For faster cooling, add water and ice and in seconds you get cold air.  Feel The Breeze Rapid Drop By 5°C/9°F.

  • Includes Light With UV Sterilizer and Silver-Ions Depressing The Germs 99.9% Disinfection

  • The Long-life battery: Up to 12 hours of continuous use

NexFan Ultra

Next Generation Ultra Speed Portable Air Conditioner with Powerful Cooling

How Does It Work?

NextFan Ultra works on power of water evaporation, taking hot and dry air and making it cool and moist — the simplest and most efficient cooling technology.  It’s not just safe to use but eco-friendly! Other AC systems use a lot of power to try and cool an entire house or building, which is very costly! This personal space air cooler actually cools the air around you, where you need it most, while using the size and power consumption of a small fan!

This compact, eco-friendly personal air cooler that pulls warm air from the room through its evaporative water filter to humidify while it cools! NextFan Ultra cools, humidifies, and cleans the dust particles for better air!

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